Scientific Visualizations

We transform scientific data into images

Information visualization in science allows gaining of credibility and influence. Common visualization media - paper or screen - are restricted to two dimensions, making multidimensional scientific information difficult to show and understand.

  • At Web4bio we provide new ways to visually present scientific information, in a manner that enriches and complements the main scientific message while keeping original data unchanged.  
  • Our visualizations are designed to be as simple as possible, avoiding “visual puzzles” that could make understanding of information a challenge.

Some examples:


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Double Vertical, MG7 Results: Comparison of represented families between two samples
Multi-Line MG7 Results: Taxa distribution per sample
Stacked Bars MG7 Results: Taxa distribution per sample
Heat Map. MG7 Results: Taxa distribution per sample
MG7 Results: Taxonomic Tree Comparison