Web4Bio at BioComunica 2018, the congress of the Association for Biotechnology Communication


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The IV Congress of the Association of Communicators of Biotechnology - Communica Biotec will be held in the Conference and Exhibition Centre in Seville on September 24, 2018

Journalists, bloggers and scientific disseminators will be discussing relevant aspects of Comunucación within teh biotechnological field during the Congress. There will be conversations about current topics, from the "fake news" issue, the management of patients' expectations regarding advances in biomedicine to aspects related to confidentiality and data protection will be discussed

The Association of Biotechnology Communicators is formed by professionals who, directly or indirectly, work in biotechnology dissemination. Among them are journalists, consultants, researchers or businessmen from the biotechnology sector who share a concern for the low level of existing knowledge about the benefits that biotechnological developments can bring to the Society.

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